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Meet the world's first cryptocurrency from a social network!


TwittCoin is a project that will allow you to earn from $300 per day and become a part of Twitter.


The current price of TwittCoin


Average profit per day

69 millions

Total Supply


What is TwittCoin?

TwittCoin is a cryptocurrency. When you buy it, you not only earn from growth, but you also receive a fixed percentage from other people's Twitter usage. This cryptocurrency is available to anyone, anywhere. All you need is the Internet. In the future we plan to release the NFT platform, which will allow TwittCoin holders to get NFT for free, while others can only buy them. Also, having an NFT platform in our ecosystem will positively influence the growth of the coin itself.

You will receive:


of all profits the company makes from paid subscriptions.


of the company's profits from Twitter advertising.

How to buy Twittcoin?

You can buy TwittCoin only through our official website and after communication with our manager. Since the amount is limited and the demand is high, we decided to control the number of purchases so that no one can buy more than 5% of the total amount of tokens.

Welcome to our official website for TwittCoin. Many have been waiting for me to release the cryptocurrency and that day has come! Now everyone can become a part of a large company like Twitter. Our idea was to make cryptocurrency accessible, but also constantly profitable. As you can see it is available, now everyone can already buy it and start earning from the very beginning, instead of waiting for years for some asset to grow.


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